Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Buyers In The Front Door

So now you have polished up the outside and created some wonderful curb appeal. Your buyer is moving in through the front door. It takes a mere 15 seconds for someone to make a decision about your home. What does your front entrance say about your home? For that matter what does each room in your home reflect to the buyer? It's time to take a look at the complete inside. It's not enough to think "I love my home a buyer should too". Should I STAGE my home? Well your home is one of many homes on the market today. At Room By Room we take staging seriously. We want your home to stand above your competition. We want it to sell FAST and for TOP DOLLAR. We will provide you with a detailed action plan for every room in the house. After that its up to you. You can do all the work yourself, we can split it up so you can complete part and we will do part or we will complete the whole project for you. A staged home looks better than a non staged home in the same price range. The investment in staging your home now is a lot less than a price reduction later. Your home will be shown more by agents because it is ready to sell. Let Room By Room help you make the best impression with buyers. Remember you only get one chance for first impressions!

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