Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five Tips To Consider BEFORE Selling Your Home

Preparing your home before placing it on the real estate market will save you time and make you more money. Having your home prepared correctly will help your home sell faster and for more money! You want your home to be above the competition. Here are 5 ways to get you started.
  1. Paint your home in neutral colors. Use accent colors of your choice in your accessories.
  2. Have a focal point in each room.
  3. Clean and de-clutter your entry hall closet. Your hall closet is part of that first impression. I will discuss ideas on hall closets on the next post.
  4. Clean, clean, clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Remember kitchens and bathrooms can sell your home. Put great importance in this area!
  5. De-clutter and tidy up every closet in the house. Get rid of things you are not using. Fold all your towels the same way and arrange clothing in an organized manner.

So go and get started getting your home ready! The Fall Market is just around the corner. If you need help, contact a Home Stager in your area.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't You Want More Money In Your Pocket

I went through the real estate listings today in my area and was shocked to see that there were so many homes on the market that were not viewer ready. How do Home Stagers educate real estate agents and home owners valuable lessons in making more money? I understand the words of real estate agents telling me "my home owners don't have the money to spend on a Home Stager" or "I am afraid my home owners won't be receptive to having a Home Stager come into their home because they are afraid it may cost too much", but it is OK to ask them to drop their price tens of thousands of dollars because their home sits on the market too long? Wouldn't you rather pay a few hundred dollars by having a Home Stager come in and help you get the price you are looking for in the first place?

I visited a home during an open house a couple of months ago that was in a very family oriented neighborhood in a very prestige part of town. The home was not staged and was over crowded with furniture. It needed de-cluttering and depersonalizing, and simply lacked the wow factor. The real estate agent asked me what I would do if I was going to stage this home. I made a couple of suggestions to her about the home and asked if the home owners would like to work with a Home Stager. Her answer was no. The home owners felt that because their home was in a great part of town it would sell quickly. That home is still on the market two months later with a steady flow of competition and has had to drop its price $30,000. If they would have had their home properly staged this costly mistake could have been avoided. Just because your home is in a great part of town doesn't mean it will sell.

Home Stagers want to help home owner increase the value of their homes. We want to help you bring your home up to its full potential thus putting more money in your pocket. A staged home sells faster and for more money.

Let's work together as a team of real estate professionals, home owners and Home Stagers to bring out the best in homes being sold.


Karen Lafantaisie

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Is Having My Home Staged The Right Thing To Do?

Why is having my home staged the right thing to do? Well let's face it more money in your pocket at the end of the day is what really counts. When you finally decide to put your home on the market for whatever the reason, the outcome is to make money. Having your home sit on the market week after week after week and then having your real estate agent suggest you drop the price thousands of dollars to get buyers interested wouldn't be my choice for you.

In today's market it is simply not enough to clean your home and stuff everything into the closets before you put it on the market. Todays savvy buyers will even look in the closets and think there is not enough storage in this home as the closets are overflowing. Not the greatest first impression is it?

Staging is the most important tool you have at your disposel before putting your home on the market. Having your home staged will help it sell faster and for top dollar. A professionally staged home will give buyers a great first impression.

At Room By Room we will help you get that model home look in a minimal amount of time. We will work with you to create an inviting move in ready space where buyers will see themselves living and entertaining . We will work through every room top to bottom, front to back, as well as the outside and present to you a detailed list of tasks to be accomplished. We will work within your budget and time frame to accomplish and complete the list.

The cost of having a Home Stager help you prepare your home before putting it on the market is far less than the price reduction you may have to take later.

Simply put more money in your pocket faster sounds good to me. That is why staging your home is the right thing to do!

Karen Lafantaisie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Buyers In The Front Door

So now you have polished up the outside and created some wonderful curb appeal. Your buyer is moving in through the front door. It takes a mere 15 seconds for someone to make a decision about your home. What does your front entrance say about your home? For that matter what does each room in your home reflect to the buyer? It's time to take a look at the complete inside. It's not enough to think "I love my home a buyer should too". Should I STAGE my home? Well your home is one of many homes on the market today. At Room By Room we take staging seriously. We want your home to stand above your competition. We want it to sell FAST and for TOP DOLLAR. We will provide you with a detailed action plan for every room in the house. After that its up to you. You can do all the work yourself, we can split it up so you can complete part and we will do part or we will complete the whole project for you. A staged home looks better than a non staged home in the same price range. The investment in staging your home now is a lot less than a price reduction later. Your home will be shown more by agents because it is ready to sell. Let Room By Room help you make the best impression with buyers. Remember you only get one chance for first impressions!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Get One Chance For First Impressions

Staging your home means starting on the outside. You need to get, buyers into the house. If your home is not appealing on the outside a lot of those buyers will just give it a pass. You need that curb appeal. The house I now live in I bought in my mind before I even walked in the door. The outside is what sold it and the inside confirmed it. Remember that buyers buy on emotion you know that love at first sight feeling. If you are thinking you want to put a forsale sign on your house do a little work on the outside first. By spending a little on landscaping and cleaning and tidying on the outside you can add a couple of thousand to the price. If you need advice contact Karen at Room By Room Home Staging and Interior Re-design. We want you to sell your house fast and for top dollar!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time To Get That House On The Market

Spring is well on its way and the market is getting hot! Room By Room Home Staging & Interior Re-design is the place to start. Remember the house you live in and the house you are selling are very different. What is home staging and why do I need to stage my home? Home staging is using proven professional techniques to make your home more appealing to the home buyer. During this process your home is de-cluttered, depersonalized, and transformed into a place where the maximum number of buyers can see themselves living in your home. Staging your home will help it sell faster and for top dollar. Buyers are willing to pay more money for a home that is move in ready.

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